Modeling A Clone Trooper Helmet


I’m trying to make a clone trooper from star wars, but I’m not very good at modeling “round complex” things (The helmet). What would be the best way to model the helmet? Should I make it on a plane then use the curve modifier to bend it into the helmet shape? Or should I just start with a cube and whittle my way down to the helmet shape?

I’ve been using the pictures below as references.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

I would try starting with a UV sphere, chop off the lower half, and extrude down, and scale out a bit on the lowest edge, giving you a half pseudo-capsule shape. Then I would retopo that shape, creating edge flow around the details and contours, then select groups of faces on the new mesh ( be sure to disable snapping / retopo ) and use Alt-S ( scale along normal ) to adjust their depth. And now as I am looking at it, I would probably do the ear pieces as a seperate object connected to the capsule shape before retopoing it all.
(edit) I see you are fairly new, If anything is not clear, such as ‘retopo’, just say so, and I will explain it in more depth.

Thanks for the help! ya, I don’t know what retopo is, does it have something to do with the topology? And what do you mean by “edge flow”?

Thanks again!

Here’s a tutorial on retopo
Here are the docs

Edge flow refers to how your edges follow the contours of your mesh. There’s a sticky at the top of this sub-forum about edge loops and face loops. Have a glance through that. What I am trying to get at is, when you lay out your polys onto the base, consider how you will need them to lay out when you are making the depressions and details.

Ok, thanks for the help! :slight_smile: