Modeling a girl's head tutorial, face loop and other problems:

I’m having trouble with the tutorial,
first off, I can’t turn on ‘draw faces’ and ‘draw edges’, I don’t get that option in my “mesh” window.

As I follow the tutorial, nothing seems to work the same, the starting shape is different but worst of all the loop cut menu is different and I’m not sure how you’re supposed to get through that step to get yours to look like the one in the tutorial.

Any help appreciated!

When you download 2.49a draw faces and draw edges, are still there, when u check editmode they are in ‘Mesh Tools More’, and they are turned on by defealt as far as I know.

the face loopcut is as far as I know, just the regular loopcut, and u just use it by ctrl r, and select where u want it, and poof there is ur loop. It should still work as in that (probably slightly outdated) tutorial.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

edit: to make it maybe slightly clearer, here’s a picture

Thanks for your effort, I’ll have a look. I thought the tutorial might be a bit outdated.