Modeling a Katana

I apologize in advance for being rude but please, talk to the audience - articulate. I could hardly understand a word you were saying for the entire time and I used to work in England. If the model was complex, thereby requiring explanation I could probably not follow.

The fact that your microphone cuts you off for about 1/4s every now and then doesn’t help. I guess you’re recording on your laptop because this usually happens when the computer filters out keystrokes from being heard on the mic. You might need an external mic or a better one at least.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. No I was not on my laptop but I will have a look at my settings and see what I can do the mic should be more than good enuf as it was £60 logitech.
And that’s why I use screencast keys to make sure that everyone can see what I am doing if there is any problem with understanding me.
I just made another video and it is sounding better as far as I can tell.
if you want I could remake the video if anyone else having problems plz let me know and I will defo remake it as soon as I can.

Nice tutorial even tho it was hard to hear from time to time, but it was easy to follow thanks to screencast keys

Speider tnx :slight_smile: I am happy I always use screencast keys :slight_smile:

I think I will make it again after I get done with this tank tutorial I found out what was messing up the sound it was energy saving mode thing I have got don’t think it was giving enuf power to my video card as I use nvidia shadowplay and now on in I do a audio test be for I do any videos