Modeling a low poly building Tutorial!

Ok, hiya everyone.

I’m new to the modeling forum place, but not to the forums in general, my main field is games and thats why i am talking low poly. Today is my first tutorial. That being said, i don’t mind crits but comments would be nice. To start off with, a sky scraper and than a smaller building. Thnx for reading.

And now to start, first grab a picture, like this one below

and then make a cube, or use the default cube(ur choice).

and then, scale the cube to fit the building’s basic size and unwrap the image onto the mesh.

after such actions are finished, begin to make smaller cube in edit mode of the mesh, size them, and unwrap them like so.

then do the same horizontally, only with one not as wide as the other one.

I will continue tomorrow.


Not that I have much useful knowledge on making game assets as of yet, but it looks like you’re doing the whole building at once. Wouldn’t it be better to make 1 floor and use the array modifier to create the rest of the floors? Looking at the image, it looks like it’s a complete mirror from left to right and every floor repeats aside from the slightly randomized windows of the stairwells.

Just seems like it would be a less intensive tutorial if you did an array building plan with maybe a different first floor for the entrance and whatnot. And it would make the building a bit more expandable (just need to make an End cap section for the roof and a Start cap section for the first floor technically and you could make any size skyscraper you want).

yes there is a reason for doing that. Its because if i did do it that way, then i would have , like, 10 faces going up but the way i do it, theres only 1 vertical face for each box.