Modeling a PBR Flying Sailing Ship

Hi there!

I’m an occasional 3D artist. Currently, I’m with this a little bit too ambitious project that I’m working on some time to time.

The idea of building a sailing ship comes from my grandfather, who was a modeler of real ship miniatures. He did impressive involuntary pieces of art (I think he just was in love with the engineering of those ships, and he put a significant effort into the). I learned from him the importance of being ambitious and working hard on quality. So, I thought of doing this model as a kind of tribute

The point is that I have no idea how these ships are, and I don’t pretend to do something realistic. What I want to do is designing something stylized and fantastical.

Some other renders

Here some concepts.

The plan is modeling, texturing, and posing, so it is a long term project. Right now, I’m finishing the modeling of general shapes, and now I’m with the details. Also, I have half of the sails already rigged for the posing (and because of the challenge of rigging them). I need to figure out how to deform the sails convincingly.

I hope you enjoy it, and I will appreciate any feedback.

Thanks! :smiley:


Your model not have texture. For this reason, you can use Clay shader. So that, we can see details on your model easily. And render size can be larger.

Thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile:

Reminds me alot of alot of ships from the movie treasure planet.

Wow, your model is so cool. I just had an idea about a flying sailing ship, so I googled for some reference and I gotta admit, yours look way awesome than what i pictured in my head ealier.

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Kind words, man! There is a more advanced version here:

I love this. Beautiful design, and great work so far!

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Great work! Keep it going. <3