Modeling a Pillow


Can someone tell me the steps that guy took to turn a plane into an inflated object?

Add Grid (or plane as he did), subdivide 1 or 2 times (w key, edit mode); while all is selected extrude Z a bit - e z.
Add Cloth mod; Object mode, hit Alt-a, observe forming pillow.

Thanks… But the plane I extruded just fall down straight and dont get inflated…

The problem is when you extrude, you must only extrude a -very- , -very- , -very- small extrusion in the Z axis.
Then when you’ll set the self collision, it will inflate the object.

If you extrude too high in the Z axis, the object will just fall down as it should.

So basically the inflating is a bug, a very happy bug for once :slight_smile: , due to some probably lack of precision in the collision calculation when objects are too thin

Yep, thickness have to be small, like 5mm. If you dont want to extrude, you can use Solidify modifier for thickness. Set Solidify before Cloth in modifier order.
Edit: and smooth-modifier the last help also for better rounding.

Oh… Thanks so much.

To not let pillow fall down set Gravity to zero in Cloth Field Weights. Also i was wondering why did he use Alt-C which is to convert curves - mesh: that is an hacky shortcut to apply all modifiers as it turns out.