Modeling a scene?

I’ve done plenty of work on modeling, but never really done any scenes, which is why I got into it in the first place, I don’t want to know how to do any specific kind of scene, just tips on making it look natural, rather than a collection of obvious blocks of random things strewn together, which is how I always felt about my scenes in the past.

well, there should be a certain balance and flow to things. avoid lines that run together unintentionally, like if a tree trunk was lining up with a post or something. try to have a distinct foreground, mid-ground, and background so it has a feeling of depth. adjust the camera lens to the appropriate value for your scene. i find that about 50 works for most things. then maybe do some composite node effects. also if you are doing something outdoors you might consider using the sun and sky effects, which are a little tricky imo.