modeling a sword help

how should i go about modeling this?

Start eith a cube, make it thinner and start extruding. You can also use the knife and loop cut tools. Detailing could be done with displacement or bump maps.

I think @ndy put up a blend of a very nice sword he made. Studying his mesh might help. I can’t remember the name of the thread, but you might want to ask him if it is still up. also if you do, tell him to put it in my model repository thread in news and chat.
<edit> if i recall correctly, @ner probably also has a copy of the blend.

This acually appears to have more of a circular cross section. I’d start with a circle for the hilt, and stretch it on one axis. Then you take your ellipise and extrude and resize it about 7 or 8 times to form the basic shape. Or you could start with a UV sphere and just stretch it.

The PET tool could also be used to deform a circle into an ellipse with sharp edges.

nope, wasnt me.

Look at what I found…
So @ndy’s got a clone?

that ones good too, but i never saw that one. maybe it was @ner or endi,…?