modeling a toilet.

How would you model a toilet?Here is my blend of my toilet top.What did i do wrong.Any tips please for doing this.

to help modeling it you shoud try to find some good references pics
like front side top view and some angle view also
or try to take your own pics

then it shoudl be a lot easier to model it
cause right now you don’t see the inside shapes
so you have to guess what these shapes are!

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You know of any websight with good reference images of the front and sides of toilets ,that can be used to model a toilet?

sorry search the web you might be lucky
or try to take your own pics!

you can always try with the pic you have but it will only give an approximation to the real thing
which can still be good but not an exact model!

now you can add subsurf to have rounded shapes
and always check your normal - Ctrl-A also

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with google found these


Sometimes manufacturers of products will have photos or blueprints on their websites. But you can waste a lot of time looking and only find stuff that is approximately satisfiying. Jonathan Williamson has an interesting tutorial up on Blender Cookie about modeling a building from a photograph where the photograph is not an orthographic front or side view. The same techniques can be used to model a toilet from an ordinary photo.

Another possibility is just do a pencil sketch of a toilet front and side view. Even a rough sketch can be useful to model from, and may take a lot less time than doing web searches for that needle in the haystack.

How does this toilet look?

toilets tend to be a complex shape, i would recommend constructing a base using multiple meshes, then using retopo to construct a sold mesh on top of it. i once modeled one, but i can’t seem to find it.

Did you look at the poty or not i made in post 7.

You should be able to render images and post them here, 3dssb. A couple of wire frames so we can see the topology, and a ‘beauty render’ with materials, texture and lighting (if you’ve got that far in the process, or a clay render if you haven’t) would be fine, and a lot more accessible to people who don’t care to spend the time downloading your files.

With one exception, your shapes are good. The water pipe running from the tank to the bowl should be round, not that wide flat shape. Your toilet base has way too many faces, I think. The tank has a much more reasonable geometry.

American Standard has drawings of all their toilets.

Select the one you want and then look for the Spec Sheet link. It opens a PDF with dimensions and drawings.

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The thing is i need jpg. images not pdf. images.But thankyou anyway.

Find the image in the PDF that you like, then hit Alt+PrtSc to get a screendump, and paste in Paint. Crop to suit, then save as JPG.

Can i use gimp as well for this.

of course. take the screenshot, then in gimp click FILE>CREATE>FROM CLIPBOARD and it will paste the contents of your clipboard into a new image

Thankyou small troll and usenetfan.

for you last file toilet it looks there are way too many faces
you can reduce verts count a lot and still have a good shape
you could use retopology to redo it with lower verts count

now for BGE if i remember well you need to use min verts count!

do you have a pic for the toilet’s top for the handles

i did another model for fun and added some cycles mats
let me know fi you want these mats

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Did you see the picture of the model i did in the focused critique forum.How do you like the texture.It has a grey with noise on it and it is set to negetive for the toilet bowl.

sorry dot see the thread
can you give link


You are using way too much polygons to create commode shape. Here is my quick take on the shape. I started from bowl taken from half sphere and extruded other parts out. And, smooth it out with subdivision surface modifier.