Modeling a vase

Hi, I am new to blender and I have been trying to complete one of the tutorials on modeling a vase. However, I have a small problem. The tutorial says that sub surface modeling is used. On my version of blender I do not see any button labeled “sub surface” on the buttons window or any other button that is closest to that name. My version of blender is 2.42 for windows. I believe that I was able to get only to step #4 and then had trouble locating the sub surface button. Does anyone out there know why this is or how I get around this problem? The tutorial is the first one on this page under modeling > beginner:


It is under ‘modifiers’, click ‘add modifier’ and select subsurf from the pull down meny while the target object is selected…

That tutorial link does not work for me BTW

Thanks a lot for the help I appreciate it