Modeling a wolf

Here is a wolf I am modeling:

This does not resemble a wolf any more than it would resemble a dog or fox. Try modelling closer to reference images. Also, fix your topology problems by removing doubled vertices and trying to get clear quads everywhere. It could be helpful to set yourself up again and start from scratch. The input which you will have gained yourself from this attempt, will push your next try to another level.

Thanks guys!! for the tips and everything!! this is my second attempt at a dog/animal…

Ok I’m going to start all over again

Here is the first part of the head

Here is the update so far

looking better, but bear in mind that your side view isn’t fully on the side

Ah yes very true

I need good reference images…

Try low poly first then use layer with UV own photo and put a background of snow … thereafter try a hight poly. One of the fastest ways in my opinion.

Here is the update!