Modeling aand texturing a wooden crate


as a noob, i’m trying to model a crate. I created a texture in Photoshop. I imported the crate.png attached, and on each face, scaled and extruded inward to match the image.

I thought that would give a more realistic model, than wrapping a UV map around a straight cube.

Can I use the image provided as part of a texture map, or do I need to break it up, and texture the indented bits differently to the edges?

I did wrap a UV map and it looked pretty ugly. Just trying to get my head around some better work flows.



we can see repetition of pattern on planks!

use the info node to shift the pattern a little may be
or try to join all planks then add you UV so we don’t see patther repeat!

happy cycles

Thanks for the advice - although I was aware of the repeat in the png. I was mainly concerned with how the UV map might work.[ATTACH=CONFIG]234083[/ATTACH]Here’s a 3D model, with the image applied - not actually as a full, unfolded UV map, but just using the image above.
My question really centres around, not would I be better off not spending time in Photoshop, but concentrating more on the structure of the crate in Blender, and then trying to texture that.
I’ve included some extra files - I really have no idea what’s happened to the cube in Blender.

That image doesn’t provide anything to map to the sides along the indent. If there were no pre-baked shadows, you could just pick any part of it and re-use it, but the prebaked shadows screw you up. Still, if you tried hard enough, you could probably find an area that worked well enough for each side and use that.

A good video for your project:

Pretty quick and dirty: take default cube; inset top face (I) so that it is proportional to crate texture. Extrude inside face. Top Ortho view - Unwrap - Project from view (bounds).
Delete /replace all other Cube faces. Done. If you want small segments to be properly unwrapped - make another UV map, select and unwrap them using the same texture file (do it before you replace Cube faces, so that you do it only once).

Thanks one and all. Eppo - I’ve searched, how do I replace the faces with my textured one?

Thanks Eppo. How do I replace faces - I searched but came up with zip?

A bit of a manual labour - select faces, delete. One on top which you have unwrapped should stay there. Select it, Shift-D duplicate, ®otate x or y and (g)rab to move in place (use snapping; takes positioning mouse a bit). Select 2 new ones, duplicate and rotate. Now there should be all except bottom (do you really need it?) done.

Another method, also manual, but less mowing things around: select each face and se§arate; select all elements of top face (start by selecting middle face and click Ctrl -(‘plus’ on numpad) to extend selection) and separate it too.
In Object mode - select one flat face, Shift select top face and Ctrl -L Link Object Data.
You will end with what looks like one top face. Select it and rotate x 90. Select top again and rotate x (-90). Same for y. Select all faces and Ctrl-J join into one object. Delete double vertices in edit mode.