Modeling Animals...

Im new to blender but ive been reading alot of tutorials. I was wondering what the best way to make animals. Mesh or nurbs? Any help would be appreciated.

Modeling animals with meshes would require a long explanation if you want to know how to model from scratch.

You may want to search for tutorials on topology and organic modeling to get you started.

alright ill search for that. thanks

I would suggest subdivision/subsurf modelling as being the most popular method for organic modelling. With this method, you build the form with as few polygons as possible then let the subsurf do the smoothing. Add detail as required at the end of the process.

The two main approaches are either polygon modelling or box modelling. Env’s “bongo” tutorial gives a good insight to box modelling a creature. It was written a few year’s ago so there may be a few minor interface changes but the overall approach remains sound.

Also, search these forums for the lizard thread and Torq’s “better face tutorial” for some good pointers. You might also want to look at for general information.

Nurbs would work well, but they’re kinda b0rked.