Modeling by pusing points, then using sculpt tools!

I had this great idea of creating a box charactor and then fixing the form with sculpt tools. The box or cubes would get all the vertices needed for defining the character, but it would still be a box. Then after this is done, using sculpt tools to make the form, using the existing vertices.

I think someone could place all the vertices needed over a picture, then make the form after this is done.

IF it would work, the box charactor could be subdivided into high levels of divisions. Before sculpting and after sculpting.

The multires modifier can already be used to transform a box into a head, so no need to subdivide manually.

The problem with that idea, is that a character with a lot of depth and detail would require a ridiculous level of subdivision. It would be an incredibly inefficient way of modeling and will likely not make it easy to do any quality texturing or animation.