Modeling complex mobius


I’m trying to model something like this:

how would you go about it? I need to be able to change the cross-section of each strand.


take a look at the .blend, it sort-of documents how i made it. i think i got the shape right:

edit: uhhh never mind i think i messed up somewhere…w/e see if you can learn anything from it


complexMobius.blend (436 KB)

to make an object like this, i would recommend “TopMod 3d” as the main software. It is built to model topologically correct models, such as teh one in the photo above.

Just Google it, and watch a few tutorials, it really isn’t that hard to grasp, though the interface is quite complex to completely understand.

Enable ‘Torus Knot +’ add-on in Blender and set p,q for 3 and 8.
Maybe somewhat different p,q values - kind of forgot how to count the knots.

As for a different shape, you might try tracing curve from add-on with bezier curves
and then using a bevel shape.

Have not tried this myself, but the add-on is really very good for torus knots.

Oh yeah! Just checked ‘Torus Knot +’ out closer and this add-on uses curves, so just use curve properties panel and whip up a bevel object.
Tool shelf panel has some limited settings for shape also.

I will play with it when I get time, that ball rolling around in there is fascinating me with possibilities for animating something like this.

Ok, couldn’t resist, all of 10 minutes with ‘Torus Knot +’ and curve properties.