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Hi I have a usual problem in mirroring.
i have checked the vertex alignment along the center grid and still the other side of the model turns slightly.
what is causing this? Help!

here is the closeup look of the model.

I am just starting out in Blender myself, so I don’t know for sure if this will help, but try “CTRL+A”, and click “Rotation” to apply the rotation modifiers. I had some mirror errors when I was working also, but my fix, was different. I selected a target object in my mirror modifier that was different from the model I was mirroring, and I guess that target model was not moved, or rotated or scaled from it’s original point. I cannot be sure though. Hope this helps. Keep up the good work on the raptor.

it looks like you need to shift the origin of your mesh to the centre line.

Hard to say from the picture, but it looks like the raptor is just slightly rotated which causing the mirror looks like this. Turn of the mirror and see it from the top view if the model is aligned with the Y axis

i tried man… and i cant able to get hold on it.
Thanks for your idea and as u said target object works fine with my model.But sculpting symmetry is not coming good.

Hi, I have updated the snapshot the edges are aligned.

I have done that. pls look at the snapshot.let me know what i am missing.

@Irishlostboy @Fowl @wolfie1

I got it guys.I exported the half side of the model as .obj and in a new scene i imported.The mirror looks clean without any orientation issues.Thank you guys. BTW what are you guys doing?

There is another neat trick you can use. Bisect your 3d model into halves and delete either one that you don’t need. Then select the one that you want to symmetrize, and select its outer edge lines and press s (for size) and then zero. Doing so will make the outer edge lines straight and easy for creating a symmetry copy. That way you can view the model from the front, shift it close to the origins and apply symmetry from the edit tab (w). You’ll get a perfect symmetry.

I too did this while learning to make dinosaurs.

Hey dude, At first i did what you told.the vertices didn’t move.But anyway thanks man.Hope the solutions what we are discussed work differently in certain times.

Hi all,
I have sculpted the creature and did the retopology.
When i project the high detail model on the retopo model. it looks good.
i try to move some part like wagging tail or opening mouth, the mesh deforms.
i used shrinkwrap and subd modifier.

Any ideas?

Hi all,
Hope all are staying safe.
After lot of surfing, understanding, i came to showcase my creature.
Though it has missing few things which i can concentrate further.
I am learning blender and loving to keep learning and doing.
Here is my Creature - Echo

Model, sculpting, shading, lighting in Blender, Texturing with Zbrush.
i would like to thank all and the people who helped me to share their solutions.
@wolfie138 @Irishlostboy @Hornetzero @Fowl

Happy Blending!!


Looks great to me. Loved these things ever since the first Jurassic Park movie. I hope you do more 3d projects and share them with us. I would love to see this guy animated.

Hi Bro,
Thanks for the encouragement.
I have learned rigging him and tried some fur effects and compositing. Though Blender had some issues during rigging, especially during the weights…that’s very pain man. Also constraint creation, parenting stuffs are initially confused, later was managed.

Happy Blending!!
@Irishlostboy @wolfie138 @Fowl @Hornetzero