MODELING DEV: Genrich improving decimator modifier, gives much better results

Look at the comparison images for example, the current decimating algorithm is insanely crappy compared to the new one. Which is essencially an intergrated library with a compatible license.

With Kent Mein already having improved Booleans somewhat, two of Blender’s weakest modeling tools are starting to get a facelift.

Saw this at Planet Blender (I think) the other week, what a massive improvement! It’ll be that much more awesome if it can calculate quads.

@ Bunny , hey this script decimates you better than the old one …
seriously , that’s an impressive feature :slight_smile: .

Never thought that the Blender decimator was THAT crappy!
This is good news of course, especially for LOD situations.

This looks great. It will be a very useful improvement.

i can see how this can be great for a quick hi to low conversion… now if it could do lowpoly topology

Really impressive results.

Would be great if you could attempt to preserve uv coordinates as well.

yeah really cool , to make minimalistic models ;D

As Mr. Genrich says himself in the blog article :
“… I like to see if I can put some additional functionality in there like UV’s.”

I tried to comment on his blog, but the security question CAPTCHA wasn’t working for me…Anyway, it’d be neat if it could automatically decimate a mesh based on the distance from the camera. Might be helpful in the game engine…I’m just sayin’…

The same, though I just wanted to thank him.

UV’s would be nice, and I think there should just be a separate option in the per-object game logic(-brick)s for defining a low poly version of a model to render at a certain distance from the camera - or what ever other object.

@felix-kutt a game engine LOD brick would would be most welcome (especially if it worked in the modelling viewports as well)