Modeling fine powder / fibers

Hey guys.

Once again I’m out of my depth: This time I’m trying to model a pile of fine powder / fibers as seen in the picture below. I guess a particle system would be the way to go since it will be featured quite prominently in the final product render. Any advice on how to go about doing this?



If it’s part of a larger scene then simply making a mesh and then using a bump map with displacement will do.
If it’s the focus of the scene then you can do the same or you can do it with particles,i’ll try and figure out a way to do it with particles (bump maps and textures are still a bit out of reach for me :))

love to know too how to go about it, here is a try with a simple mesh and a two particle systems:

Looks like you are on to something here. I’ll try with particles again today and see if I get anything useful.

Hey guys. I’m still working on this. Now the result I have gotten thus far with a black emitter plane with 45k fiber particles looks really great to me. But what is bugging me now is trying to find a way for a gradual/more realistic looking fall off at the edges of the pile. Any ideas how to do this?

you could try adding some weight factor to control density near the edges !

happy bl

I couldn’t figure out what you meant with the weight but I got the result I was looking for using a texture to control particle density on the edges.