Modeling, Grooming & Shading Artist - One Character

Hey all,

Looking for an exceptional character modeller to model one character for me (anthropomorphic rabbit with clothes, to be specific).

Also do the grooming and shading.

I will provide concepts however orthos will need to be derived by the modeller unless the modeler believes they can eyeball it. Leave up to applicants discretion and discussion.

Deliverable must be a blend file with the groom using the particle system. Textures packed. Latest Blender.

Ideally also entire work done in Blender. If sculpting is used would like low and hi res available (i.e. use multires if in Blender). However sculpting does not need to be used if artist does not think so. Again leave up to discussion and your expert opinion once you see the concepts.

Modeling style think Zootopia. But shading/texturing wise much less modern and clean (think 1600s sack cloth, leather, ropes etc).

Paid work. Can talk renumeraton in PM. Reasonable pay. Competitive.



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