modeling help

hi I am trying to make a photo realistic strawberry however, I don’t know how to make the indentations . I used particles to make the dots yet it does not look right. Any ideas ? tutorial?

I’d be tempted to use sculpt mode and dab each indentation in with a small brush then texture the dots with a uv map.

part of the reason why it does not look right is that the seeds are all scattered randomly, whereas there should be some order to them, as they should evenly cover the surface. I am not too familiar with the particle system, but if i was to make a realistic strawberry i would place them manually, and sculpt the indentations

one way to do the seeds would be to use a diagonal edge flow, then subdivide to the appropriate density and use dupliverts
(edit) also, you might want to ask this same question in the support / modeling subsection of the forum. those guys can come up with some pretty creative solutions.

the main problem is that the shape of the strawberry itself is completely wrong. no way of putting the indentations will make it look right. you need to get the shape of the strawberry correct first. either buy some strawberries or google “strawberry image”

Thank you all … I posted the same ? in modeling forum … hope there is a faster way then sculpt by hand … I will work on the shape too you right doris …

To get the indentations you may want to think about using a displacement map. This is a texture which is greyscale and the darker the grey is the stronger the indentation/bump it creates. You can plug this in to the displacement option of a node to make the indent. This is how i would do it in cycles.

one thing i would note is your shaders are quite a bit off. try just red with heavy gloss. its almost a lipgloss or carpaint shader only with slightly higher diffuse lighting. and the seeds need to not only be darker and more brown but have a black cap on them on one side.