Modeling in blender 2.8


at the top of the blender 2.8 download page is an animation of a quadruped bird outlined in black and transformed into 3d mesh.

what kind of modeling is this?
Do you have a tutorial or any other material for me to know what modeling technique this is?


you might have to upload the image here if you really need a reply.

o video esta nesta pagina :slight_smile:
2.80 —

I believe that is grease pencil modeling.

I havent tried this yet but the i think the normal workflow is, get the basic shapes of the creature (maybe the lowest possible poly model of it) and paint with greasepencil ontop of the surface.

And then convert the grease pencil strokes to curve.

and then add depth to curve.

Lastly convert to poly and go crazy with it.

have tutorial?

or blender manual page?

Here are a few on Youtube.