Modeling issues, when exporting to Unity ^^


I’m new to Blender and Unity both, and I’ve got some problems when I export my models into Unity.

The left one is the model that is shown in unity, and the right one is the original one in Blender.
I’ve tried duplicating the model, and then using W just flipping the normals on the same (x,y,z), but that just doubled my model size, and didn’t give me the wanted effect…
Any ideas?
Thanks in Advance.


It seems , that model normals are inverted. In edit mode. Select full model by tapping A twice. Then press Ctrl+N to recalculate the normals.

you can also check the model in edit mode for few flipped normals , by accessing the following in tools panel.

Perhaps this tutorial on Unity will help you. It is not specifically about Blender, but he uses Blender to create a simple FPS with a room similar to yours. Perhaps it will help.

Ctrn+N did the trick, thanks a bunch <3