Modeling Job

I need a freelance modeler for my upcoming animated short. I have already completed one short (“The Bridge”) which can be seen here:

The short I’m working on now is a sequel to “The Bridge” and most of it takes place outdoors. What I need is someone who can model outdoor scenes such as a field of grass, a forest clearing, heavy forest, a stream, things of that nature. My production blog has several examples of what I have done already, and what I want the film to look like. You can find a link to the blog at the bottom of this entry.

Please send examples of your work (jpg or png) or links to your website if you are interested in the job. Please do not send blend files. Include your price quote as well. Please note you will be asked to sign a contract and all models and ownership rights will become my property once you’ve been paid for your work.

The email address is: dsched2613(at)att(dot)net

Thanks for your time

We have selected an artist. Thanks to everyone who submitted!