Modeling / Join

Hello All,

I’ve been practising again a bit with the great Blender :eyebrowlift2:

I’m modeling a realistic EUR-pallet and trying to make it simply as possible and learn the possibilities of Blender, so I used also Array Modifier.

Ok, everything goes fine until I want to bevel all the outer corners (4x) of the pallet… Couple of questions:

  1. When I try to join the pallet objects, it looses all the ‘Arrays’. How to avoid this? How to join all (or some objects) in one object / editable construction? (Before & After pics attached reg. the JOIN)

  2. If I don’t want to join all, is there a way to bevel the corners so that the beveled corners will be mirrored on the ‘outer corners’ of the ‘Arrays’ instead of the default where beveling will happen ‘inside the pallet’ ?

  3. Other tips / mistakes to avoid reg. this kind of modeling ?

I hope you can understand what I’m trying to explain.

Thank you, BR Antiaani

If i understand well, you want to join an object that has an array modifier to an object that does not have one.
Before joining, click Apply in the Array modifier , then you’ll be able to join objects without problems.

After that, i don’t think it’s possible to have mirrored bevel within the array results, i can be wrong of course.
But at that point i would suggest a mirror modifier instead , with making sure the origin point is at the center axis of the symmetry, this way any edit you make on one side will be mirrored to the other side

Hi Sanctuary,

Yes! I got the JOIN working now… I’ve missed the Apply duh

And ok, mirror is the thing then.