Modeling My Hand

I haven’t exactly started modeling it yet, but I’ll give you guys an update. Basically, I’m going to be modeling my hand to practice modeling. Here are the pictures:

Go for it.

I started it, and it looks like a rubber glove:

Latex Glove:


The problem is that with only two vertices between each finger you can’t reproduce how the hand really look likes .

Try to put four vertices between each finger.

I found that tutorial :

it’s for modo , you just have to known the blender shorcut to mimic what he’s doing …

Peace :-).

Nice latex glove… :slight_smile:
Now you just have to add the details.

You need more vertices and refine your topology. Maybe you can use retopo to draw a denser mesh on the one you have allready.
I think hands are the hardest to do since we really know them well and every mistake is obviouse to us.
In my BWC entry (The worm incident) I made a hand and was able to blurr it just enough so that the misshapes are not that obviouse anymore.

In your case I would make more polygons and would add more deatails, like bones and skin surface.

watch this :
it’s a great tut.

kaeru: Thanks for the tutorial!

scdelf: Thanks for the complement!

musk: I think I might use retopo.

Gleb Zorin: It’s far from finished.

moley: I’ve seen that tutorial a long time ago, and I might use it. It’s like you read my mind.

One of my old renders… might help you getting an idea on hand topology: