Modeling my room (Updated: 5.Nov)


since it’s hip to recreate one’s own living space I’ll join the fun. It’s a clay render of my room in that big-ass-park-view-chrome-kitchen apartment my buddy and I live in. :stuck_out_tongue:
There are still lot’s of placeholders (cabinet, bed, radiator) and I’ll add detail to basically all of the items. The important thing is that I got the proportions right and if you knew my room you’d recognize it from the picture. :wink:
I’ll update this thread as I’m coming along, I guess I’ll start applying materials in a week or so (I love modeling details :)).

By the way, for those wondering what the big vase is doing in my room, it’s an Ikea lamp called storm in a big-boy version. And since it sheds a really, really nice light I think my final render will be lit by artificial light. :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching,

cool, too bad i can’t mount my LCD on the wall >.<

how long it take and can I see the wires of the scene?

Wow, that looks really good! Wut are you rendering with? I cant tell if its AO or Indigo. Keep it up, looks like this could turn out really well…

Yeah, mounting it to the wall is a real space saver. :slight_smile: I started yesterday evening with this, don’t know exactly. Here’s a wire view:
It’s from a newer version which I’m rendering right now. :wink:

It’s Indigo, the night scene is lit by that one lightbulb by the way. :slight_smile:
Some details added.

Can you point me to some instructions on how to use indigo with blender? The room is looking good. Interested in any blender work? :smiley:

There’s a great tutorial written by radiance.
What do you mean by blender work?

Alright, since I tend to get bored by doing the same stuff, I played around with some materials. They are all by no means final, but they’ll show how the lighting will turn out later. :slight_smile:

Oh … well, check out my website to see what my company does. I am looking around for a tentative new member for some contract work…

Nice work skypa. I think the light from the lamp could be increased a bit?

The only way that’d be possible is by increasing the size of the lightbulb. It’s the exact lighting I have here where I’m sitting, so It’ll have to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the offer, but hobby is hobby. :slight_smile:

This time a close-up of my desk. Quick render, excuse the grain as usual. :wink:
More detail work to come. :slight_smile:

Dang Yo thats some great work.

looking good, only crit at the mo is the keyboard, it looks a bit square, but perhaps your one is like that?


Added the cabinet and another chair. The floor is a little tricky, since it’s Sisal in reality. If anyone has a good tip on how to create a bumpmap for that kind of material or even got a high resolution texture, that’d be great. :slight_smile:

@ Shamem
The keyboard is still more of a placeholder. :slight_smile:

Update. Still a lot to do. Lighting sucks balls, the dark wood textures are way to dark, the chair looks like chocolate. I’ll work on that. :slight_smile:

Got nothing more to say that you got a great room! :wink:
I want to have my screen mounted at the wall, but since it isn’t a flat screen it might be quite hard… :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way… smoking is bad ! x)


Looks great man…the only thing that I would change…is the PC is kinda squared off…and of course I don’t know if that is actually how it is so I thought I’d point it out.

Also I think it would be sweet if you put a screen shot of Blender on the monitor and have the monitor emitting a little light.