Modeling organic architecture

I’ve been wondering how can you moderl organic architecture in blender so basic shapes are pretty easy with archipack or even without it but i cant imagine doing something organic like zaha hadid … need your advice

A good start is to tackle and practice car modeling or other industrial more decorative than functional peaces.


I guess you could have a peek at wonderfull addons for procedural modeling like sorcar or sverchok.

Basically blender is unable ( hopefully :stuck_out_tongue: ) to do those things :slight_smile:

Happy blending !

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ok i will look that up

yeah i heard about those they are generative design tools like grasshopper in rhino

I would just use basic principles of suibdivision surface modeling.

For things like that if you learn to control your polyflow and control edges you can model these shapes with ease. And then combine with more primitive poly shapes.

In addition you can use curves with profile shapes to make the structural grids like this and in the above image.

This is for LightWave, but it covers a lot of the basics you need to know to control your edge flow to make organic shapes:

Here are some samples of organic structural modeling I did using the same principles in that tutorial.

And something purely organic.

By comparison, structures like that minimalist design you were asking about would be very easy.


This is awesome thanks for the info … my problem is i’m new to polysurface modeling i used rhino + grasshopper before i start learning blender so the workflow is different so is there any vid tutorials for this kind of things ?

There are tons of stuff. The tutorial I linked will give you the basics of polyfow. But it might be you need basic Blender modeling tutorials.

Try searching for subdivision surface modeling in Blender.

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UH Studio on Yt.