Modeling plants

I was wondering if anyone here could give me advise and tips on modeling plants. I know about using a leaf texture on a plane with an alpha channel for like doing trees and that tree script is neat but I want to model plants you can get up close to and animate. Like ferns, bushes, weeds, and moss. Oh and ivy.

I was just wondering if any one has good experince in plants. :slight_smile:
Who ever likes botany and blender. lol

Maybe you’ll find Plant Studio useful:

Wow thanks this looks pretty cool.

whenever you import a plantstudio plant, be sure to select all verts in edit mode and press ‘remove doubles’

Too bad. No Windows here.

If you read french, here is a very good tutorial on making a plant using particles (I am posting all the pages because the frame in which they should be has broken links):

Toloban, thanks for those tutes!! I never knew you could do those things. And French is unneccesary- copy the pages into and it will translate it into pretty darn good English.

Link fixed.

that link won’t work.
just a typo, but just in case…

here it is

copy a page link into bablefish and you can basically navigate any site in a given language.

It is, as already said, accurate enough to work with.

Thanks Tolobán! That plant tutorial was excellent!