Modeling polygon hair mesh!????


I really need help modelling a hair mesh for my character , and as far as i go , i cant get it right!

Ive put alot of work into the character , but the hair isnt working out for me

It will be used for animation of course for a game im making inside on unity 3d engine .

if you can PLEASE help me , i would be happier than ever!

i will give credit aswell

Please PM me or reply to this post .

Thank you :slight_smile:

well im a noob but i can trye send mi the model if enyone knows how to do it bether help the fellow :3 what will come out of my workshop can be worse than what i get XD
e-mail: [email protected]
and if you have a picture of the type of hairstyle you want send it too

Ill send the head only , and then you ca work with that

Its my first attempt to do polygon hair so if its OK ill send you the model back. I fixed the back of the head so it looks more like human :3 but you need to finish your ears and connect one to the other.

the only guidelines you guide me was this:

That should be great for now! Just send it over via email! Thank you :slight_smile:

Also , thats awesome for a first try , i did pretty bad lol , Thanks :slight_smile: