Modeling round tubing trusses

Hello, after searching different options, I am stuck trying to model trusses made of round metal. My first attempt was to use mesh geometry (vertices matching the truss connections) and use the wireframe modifier and then trying to bevel enough segments to make a smooth shading worthwhile. but the geometry is terrible. It sounds like a “simple” challenge that most modelers (i am a mega noob!) are going to laugh at!
mesh to curve kinda works but the geometry is funnily twisted…

Hi and Welcome…

Maybe an image of the structure you want to make would help you understand your question better… :wink:

Maybe skin modifier and upscaling in edit mode and after that subd ?

The connections may be not what waht you want but it’s quick.

Thank you, I did not try that modifier… I’ll give it a try…

of course, “tube” connections don’t look realistic but from afar, it look better than my first attempts

I tried it and it work very well when the mesh is upscaled…

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do you just need it too look good, or do you need it to have good topology?

if you just want it to look good, using individual curve segments (separating vertical spacer from diagonal braces) will prevent any weird twisting of geometry:

if you are using cycles to render, the bevel input node can make some beautiful transitions with minimal effort:


Never thought of that . Nice. Liked.

As I am new to blender, I entertain the crazy idea that one can do good topology, fantastic look and minimal effort… (that’s how, at 53, still cannot play any musical instrument!!!).
Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question. The skin modifier suggested earlier seems to be a very good compromise and taught me a new modifier!!!

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