Modeling Shape Keys with Make Human

Okay guys, i got a problem i need help with. I got Make Human 180. i modeled a person, whatever, but i’m wanting to put shape keys to it so i can get it to move it’s face and whatever. the only problem is that if i have subsurf or multires on, it won 't allow it to do shapekeys, and if i have shapekeys it won’t allow me to do subsurf and multires. Is there any way around this and why is it doing this?


The Subsurf-Modifier will still work if you have Shapekeys ready.
Everything that alters the amount of vertices will either not work or mess up your

so, if i go ahead and make my shapekeys, i can then add subsurf and still use the shape keys later?

For a simple flash animation tutorial on this that is part of a free online couse go here, and follow the shape keys section (the caterpillar head is sub-surfed)