Modeling : Should it be sperate Objects ?

Ok so just a quick question, Is it better to make your model sperate objects ?
For example when i model a weapon of some sort like a gun, i make the entire mesh one object (Like there’s no loose vertice’s / All vertice’s merged)

And i just watched a youtube timelapse video where the guy modeld his weapon out of different meshes, would that effect any part of the model when your exporting it to an engine or unwraping it ?

Like what are the pros and cons for Making your object one solid merged mesh and making it from sepperate meshes ?

Appreciate any feedback.

EDIT : like this link :

Hi Wentzel,

In my oppinion it really depends on serveral things, 1) what you want to do with the model, animate or still - 2), Is it too complicated to join the mesh, or maybe it’s hard to UV map once it’s put together. For a car, it would be quite acceptable to have seperate parts, even if animated to make it easy for changing colours textures quicker. I would normally leave the Tyres, bodywork, windows, alloys, chrome, etc all seperate, they are in real life anyway. On a weapon, there are a lot of parts that are seperate in real life. If you’re doing a model for a game engine, then it’s probably better to make it a complete joined object.

I don’t think there is a wrong or right way, it just depends :wink:

I can only agree to that. I try to the keep parts of my model separate that use different materials or maybe only different colors. I find this more easy when it comes to applying textures. This does not prevent later joining to clean the model up. It is quite possible that the modeling/texuring process favors one approach while in the final model is is just cleaner to have everything in one mesh (especially for game assets).
On the other hand when there is some model someone shows off (e.g. from BlendSwap) and everything is just one object, it greatly frustrates me because

  • You cannot go into the model and tweak it a bit so it conforms to your needs
  • You do not really see the process and the idea behind the modeling and can therefore learn nothing of it.

Yeah must agree to that.

But one thing i don’t get if i made them seperate object textured them,j oined them and exported them into unity for example.
Would that effect the model in any way ?
And would it be best to make it one solid mesh for an engie ?