modeling sketchup models in blender

Ok, i have a model which i imported from sketchup and its in blender.

Its in the diting bit and now i want to make it into a car.

The things it wont let me do it to join all the pieces because for some reason its separated itself into parts. on the logic menu, it gives a huge list of parts, i just want it to have one.
Is there a way to join them?

The other thing it wont let me do is input force under the actuator slot, it only gives Loc and Rot. If i do this to a cube which i created in blender, it lets me choose the torque, force ect. Is there a way to let me give it force?

Is there a different way to import models from sketchup (free) into blender without zipping. This is probably why i am getting these porblems.

Last Question (sorry there are so many), when i add wheels to my car, it starts to spin and kind of fly away, without wheels it drives fine. Even when its flying the wheels go with it. I Clicked the wheels then the car, then parented It, I tried putting the wheels inside the car, still no. Can someone tell me how to make it so that the wheel will stay under, i can see it turn when i press left/right and suspension? Or a link…

I find making stuff in Sketchup 1 million times easier than in blender.
I can make a car move around in blender but the car is a cube lol.

Thankyou for putting up with my questions…:o

well i can’t help you with the logic bricks, but to join objects, select the objects that you want to join, and press control-j
also, as of sketchup v.7, there is an option for collada export, which is a format blender supports.
and it is certainly faster to model in blender, not sketchup.
and blender is about 5x easier, once you get used to it

ctrl + J doesnt work, it sais cannot join these (something i forget)

i did use the collada export but its the same, is there a way i can export a sketchup file into 3ds or soething like that into a script and then open in blender? will this let me edit the file as if i made it in blender?

I saw someone make an airoplane on youtube, but it looks so simple how he made it, i guess you need to know the keyboard shortcuts…

i need this to be able to put this into an iphone app… but i cant use sketchup because its only for modeling. :frowning:

Not really. You can use the Kerkythea / Indigo / Pov-ray plugins to render.
With Kerkythea, you can also quite interactively adjust the materials in it’s GUI, after exporting.

Can you post a (shortened) file here?

Edit: Sorry, I have no idea about logic bricks, either.

a shortened what? im guessing the file im exporting into blender, if so… ill try to upload it somewhere.

ohyeah, when i meant modeling, i meant that i can only model the stuff but i cant put it into an iphone format for lets say the car in a racing game, like nfsu or real racing… i want to make the car model you drive, sketchup cant port it i dont think… unless there is a script. Anyway i think the model also has to have animation (like wheel spin/nitro flame/turning ect) with it.

so im stuck. >:(

oh yeah, these plugins you mentioned, are they just to render and see the model you created?

Hi, I meant a file with most of the unproblematic stuff removed - and file size kept to a minimum (Slow internet here). Sorry for not being clear enough.

Kerkythea allows you to do animation also - but, unless you do it through, say, the Blender interface, it probably has limited use. I haven’t tried it, so I can’t really say. I don’t know about Indigo.

There is an animation plugin for Sketchup called SU Animate (You can search here: - or at, which should probably allow you to do what you want. Not free, though. Ultimately, it seems the best approach is through Blender - as you’re already trying.

Sorry I can’t be of more help

well, ill force myself to learn blender. ive seen what people can do with it but its just the interface which makes me think that its not good. if i make a really good model, no just a brick, maybe i might keep using blender.

im not going to spend any money on software because there is free options and i can always ask asround if people have software i could borrow…

thanks though, i will keep trying with blender. My first project will be to make a nice car and make it move around.

Ill use sketchup for scenery as that doesnt need logic bricks.