Modeling some level meshes for my CG Game. Helpful feedback needed

Abandoned Places

Observation Deck

Lacking some mist

  • How do I set up the mist pass correctly?

  • Is it over exposed?

Abandoned Rundown Bathroom

Indoor Lightning

(Power is out but there are some holes at the roof to light up the room)

-Is the lightning correct?

Null Moon

Night lightning
(August 26, 8 pm, summer)
-Is it too bright for a full moon with few clouds?

More soon

Provide some feedback if you feel like.

There’s a lot of places, such as the pavement, where the roughness textures feel too big to me. They don’t seem like fine detail.

The night scene could be a little darker, but not that much. I think the bathroom could be a little darker too, but it’s hard to tell without having some context of the larger interior scene.

If you haven’t read it, this is a good place to findout about mist.