Modeling tendrils?

Hi you guys!
I was wondering how you people approach modeling work when it comes to tendrils and stuff. I found this picture of a prop that I want to model but I don’t really know how to approach these tendrils going around the cylinder.


I’ve already tried a curve with a Screw modifier but the curve just won’t look like a tendril wrapping around the cylinder. Any advice you guys can give?

You could paint it with grease pencil on the surface and then convert to curve, clean it up, adjust, smooth, …
and then use it as starting point for sculpting.

“won’t look like” could you be more specific ?
If it’s about wrapping the curve around a cylinder i suggest to enable extra curve addon and add a Spiral Curve (logarithmic)

Changing height.

Then turns and Radius offers more control.

Also, after setting bevel depth, try changing curve fill mode to half and play with the tilt on vertices (Ctrl T on selection, proportional edit tools can help here).

Hi Kuri,

Did you try the draw technique show in this vid? I think it may help. The ropes are handy also and it’s reasonably priced.

Cheers and happy blending!

Here is a quick try with create from grease over bezier to sculpt.
tantril.blend (1.8 MB)