Modeling the tail and legs? - Blender 2.8

I’m modeling a wolf (again lol) but I’m using 2.8 this time around. I came into an issue though that’s confusing me.

How do I go about modeling the rear? Along with the tail and thighs? I have an idea from Youtube videos on how to do it but I end up doing it worse than in the video. The topology doesn’t come out even and becomes dense instead.

What I was going to do, was to extrude the faces from the top part of where the tail starts rather then move the edge loops to match where the tail goes, but would that be easier than what I’m asking?

Any advice?

First of all i would choose to have less points even if you wanna go high poly.
Then i would look at something like SubD Modeling on Polycount
and maybe some older Tutorial for a Wolf in Blenderwiki.
I knew there was something like that with “Lowpoly and Poles” and a Dog or Wolf with Blender on my HDD but i searched on duckduckgo for it (no not ggl).
(I know i didn’t actually answered your question but believe me i helped you. Everybody has to learn it the hard way because there are no shortcuts. You have to know the long way to recognize something is shorter.)

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Actually, I’m really glad you linked me to these cause it makes a lot of sense when you put it that way. I think I’m focusing on the details and matching it to the reference perfectly so early on, I miss out on the primary forms and the process of modeling something itself. I’ll use those as a starting point and future reference when I’m making my models.


What Okidoki says, you start out too high poly. This tutorial ( ) helped me out a lot in understanding how to model an animal. It is an old one, but the basic principal stays the same.

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Thanks for the link! I will do my best to stay low poly in the beginning stages of modeling, it’s just really hard not to :sweat_smile: but I’ll make an effort. I think after some time and practice, I’ll get used to it though.

If I may ask, what made you continue modeling in Blender? Because I know modeling isn’t really the usual standard these days when it comes to creating characters and creatures. It’s in some workflows, but not all. When I ask how do I start making one, I’m usually answered with “sculpt the character, then retopologize…”, or something along those lines.

I’m also a Zbrush user, but I do plan to use Blender but I’m not sure about using it for sculpting or creating a base mesh. Although Zbrush feels a lot more natural to work with, Blender will always end up grabbing my attention. So I can’t seem to choose which one to go with.