Modeling vs Mesh Overlap

Hi. I am modeling a car (the link is in my sig) and I was just wondering:

I have to make the radiator for the front. I could extrude/scale to get the shape, but it would really messy. On the other hand, I could model the “bars” going across and just squish them together, overlapping them. My car, as far as I know, will not be animated. Which take do you guys suggest?

I would like to hear (or read as the case may be) what the possible pros and cons will be. And I don’t mean only for this case. For other models as well. Thanks.


PS I would have searched the forum and Google, but I couldn’t think of what to search for. :expressionless:

Always do it the easiest way that gives you the results you want. Extruding the shape is no more “proper” than overlapping the bars. It is only the final result that counts.