Modeling with curves - Mirroring-SOLVED

Hello everyone,

I am modeling an object using curves (I haven’t worked with curves very much). The object is symmetrical, so I thought I’d model 1/4 of it, then mirror and join them. However, I have what would normally be called a seem. I know how I would go about eliminating the seem for a mesh, but I’m not sure how to do it using curves. Is there a way to “Remove Doubles” when using curves?

Thanks in advance!


Partially solved - I think,

In stead of defining the curve as closed with edges directly on centerlines, I left the curves open, and backed them off a bit from the centerlines. That way, after copying, mirroring and joining, I could create segments to bridge the gaps. That worked in mos of the cases, but in a few spots, no matter what I tried, I get the error “Can’t make segment”.

SOLVED - RTFM - You have to use c to close the curve. Although, in this situation, it can be a little confusing as to where you would need to close as opposed to use f to create the segment.