Modeling workflow

Well, I’ve just started using Blender and doing 3d graphics a few days ago. I’m actually very excited but something that keeps putting me off as soon as I get into doing something more “advanced” is that I’m start bumping into navigation problems around my models as I can’t perfectly align my view with sides at different angles. There’s a lot of tutorials out there, but none that shed light on the whole matter of how do you proceed with modeling a couple of objects for one scene.

So here’s what I’d really love to know from you guys:

  • If you’re building a scene with say… 7 models… how do you organize your modeling of the 7 respective models?

  • Say that you’ve split a model into several different objects… how do you go about modeling every single piece?

  • One thing I’m having trouble with is aligning my view relative to the object, not to the scene. Say I have a cube rotated along the X axis and I want to face it from it’s x, y, z axis, and not the scenes? Is there any trick, or should I just align the sides of the object to the grid and reposition it once I’m done with working on it?

Welcome to BA,

  • Layers may be your friend here… Or linking in the other objects from a library file

  • I dont understand your question here :smiley:

  • Shift + V (align view to active object, face, edge, vertex)

Blender has lots of great features to help isolate objects.

Numpad “/” key, switch from “global” view to “local” view.

Numpad “.” key, focus on selected object (helps with orbiting).

Layers. “m” key.

Outliner window. Click on the eyeballs to hide items.

Hide objects or vertices. “h” key. (Show them again by pressing alt-h)