i was wondering if i could get some help with something.
im currently modeling a building that has an extremely difficult geomitry. I need the floor planes to be no more than one meter up for every 12 meters along. is there any way i can get the model to do this in some way? or any way that i could make an object extend only 1m up for every 1m i drag it along?


ok, for some more information on this. or a better way of explaining it:
i need to make ramps all the way through my building. but these ramps cant be more than 3.2 degrees on the z axis otherwise they will be violating the building standard for the length to height ratio.

Well at the risk of stating the obvious, can’t you just add a plane, rotate it 3.2 on x or y and scale it all you want.
Add -> mesh -> plane . R Y 3.2

well i already have the desired form of the building. im currently working on the floor of the building. the white part of the image is the structure of the building and the darker bit inside of of that will be the actual container part of the building. im not sure else how to describe that. if you know the pompedu centre in france is the same idea, structure on the outside, building on the inside.
so youll see that the building is very very spikey and complex. i basically want to be able to go through the building selecting edges and snapping them to the horizontal.
is that any clearer? sorry. im really really rubbish at explaining things.

You’re going to need to clarify what the elements of this image represent and restate your question with a concrete example from your blend file. A screenshot would be nice. There are multiple interpretations of your question. And I think I had an acid flashback just looking at it the image.

haha ok
well the thing youve pointde to as structure is the structure. inside youll notice that theres a dark mass. this is going to be the actuall mass of the building. so you can see that both the upper part (the roof) and the lower part (the floor) are both very jaggy. now, for the roof, this is awesome. for the floor, you couldnt walk on it let alone get a disabled user through the building. so what i need to do is flatten the lower part of the building in certain places so that someone could walk through the building.
here is the screen shot