Modeller / Animator wanted for stock videos

Please note that this is DEFERRED payment.

I am looking for modelers / animators to help contribute to my stock videos.
Though I do use blender a lot for simple CG work, I am not very good at animating or modeling and I don’t have any interest or time to learn, which is where you would come in.

The workflow is relatively simple, for those who have not worked with live action footage. In fact, you wouldn’t have to worry about the footage(plates) at all as I would be taking the models and incorporating them into a pre-camera tracked scene and rendering on my end. Compositing will take place in Nuke or, once in a while, After Effects. Depending on the scene, texturing could be done by either one of us. And the modeling or animating does not need to take place in blender, you could do it in Maya, 3DS MAX or any other animation package so as long as there is a reliable workflow of getting the animation data back into blender.

If you are not familiar with stock footage, please take a look at sites such as pond5, dreamstime or shutterstock.
Neither you nor I get paid until the video sells on any given stock footage website. That is how payment works for this type of work unfortunately. Some videos sell, some don’t and those that do may take a while before they make a sale so if you think it is not worth the effort I understand but you should be aware of this upfront.

Unlike a lot of people on the internet looking for volunteers, I am not going to smooth talk you and promise you wads of cash in the end so please consider the pros and cons of stock footage work. Having said that, I do make money from stock videos otherwise I would no longer produce them.
Payment would be 50/50 in most cases. Generally if the CG is simple enough I’ll do it myself but I am trying to incorporate more CG into my videos to increase sales and work on more complex shots as a compositor. This work also helps to build up one’s demo reel.

Thank you for reading. Please let me know if you have any questions here or via PM.

What skill level must I be at in order to work with you ? Are you looking for top notch professional work? I can make a pretty decent model of an airplane and I’ll be honest my modelling could use more work. As for animation I’m a complete beginner and I have no experience in it yet.

Hi khari12,

Im willing to work with modelers and animators of varying skill. If youre sincerely interested in improving your skills this is a great way to push yourself to be better. Not every video will need high quality, high poly characters.
Do you have any examples of your work that i can take a look at?