Modeller- will work for help with the game engine

I am a modeller and texturer, and I am interested in making a simple game with specific enemy and player attack sequences. It will be similar to a resident evil style game.

However, I am new to Blender and am having trouble knowing where to go from here.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in exchanging services- I can model for you and in return you can help me set up my game engine so I can add my own two models, sounds and animations.

If desired I can give a more thorough description of how I want the game to be, but for now it’s just easiest to imagine a third person game with zombies.

Here’s one model I did, as a sample:

Please let me know if interested!


You might get better response by posting in the game forum.

Best of Luck!

I’ll try that. thank you