Modelling a Character Without a Reference

Hi Guys,

I’m just looking for some general advice. I’ve been asked to create a crocodile cartoon character but I am not a 2d artist. I have tried using my tablet to draw the character but due to a lack of experience it isn’t going to well. Drawing a character that has a snout facing the camera is just something I am struggling with.

In most tutorials online it seems people nearly always model characters from reference sheets. As I do not have a reference sheet, how easy do you think it is to model from scratch? Should I be looking to hire someone to draw the modelling sheet for me? I don’t have a great deal of cash if any to spend on this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


Well you could still scour the web (google images and such ) and create a reference (or inspiration) board. This way you will have a lot of material on call when you need it. I am not one who believes you need a reference pic in scene view, but then it probally depends on how solid your modeling skills are and how creative you can be on the fly. And even if you can’t draw a comic book cover worthy reference, you might be able to draw something with enough substance to keep your modeling on the right track. Have fun.

Well I think you need to understand no one will be able to tell you if you need a character reference sheet or not, or how easy it will be for you to create a model without one.

Having a good character sheet obviously helps if you don’t really have any artist skills and certainly keeps you focused on the end goal, but many (myself included) tend to just as Redikann has pointed out, use some reference images.

There are plenty of places to find good reference images.

I feel like I’ve just done your homework for u :wink:

One other tool you might want to explore is Skin modifier to get some ideas: