Modelling a cliff?

Does anyone know a good way to model a cliff like in this picture:

Depends on how much detail you want to model in, and how much you want to do with bump maps. You have three terraces: start with a grid, and select verts near one edge. Raise it up some. Select some more verts, raise it some more. select the third bunch of verts, raise it up the final time. This will give you the overall shape.

Then start tweaking. Hide everything except the vertices in the top terrace, then select some of those verts at random and raise or lower them a bit to break up the outline.

Do the same on the other two terraces, and on the terrain at the base of the cliff. If your mesh is dense enough, you can do something similar to roughen up the face of the cliff.

Oh cool! I’d never would have thought of that because I got hung up on trying to make a cliff out of just a subdivided plane.


Ok I’ve got it to a stage somewhat like in the screenshot, but I’d like it to be a bit more realistic than that. Does anyone know of a way to take this method farther?

Apply a Disp map.
Take the spec of the hill
Instead of just adding a texture add a Stencil for variation in texture… and add basically 2 Layers:
Grass shrubbehness + rocks and add a few stencils over them possibly.
I recommend for the grass you use procedurals because real ground textures suck really bad.
This is because they get stretched and it looks really nasty unless that texture is a looping texture or REALLY High Rez… I have a few looping grass textures tho =)

You could add a bump map with vertical streaks for some of the detail. Cyborg Dragon has a method of using nodes to detect slope, which would allow you to put green stuff on the horizontal or nearly horizontal shelves. When I made the render, I added a cloud texture made streaky horizontally by settings in the map input panel, mapped to col of a slightly reddish grey (Your cliff doesn’t seem to have horizontal layers, but many do.)

Waht are bump maps and how do you work them?

I’m so glad you asked. Bump Maps for Beginners.

i’ll presume you get that question a lot - had a look at the link and it all makes sense now - cheers dude. You don’t ask you don’t get

Wait Orinoco
Do you also have an advanced Texturing + Advanced bump map tutorial? becuase i have always wanted to add bump maps to objects such as wood, dirt, bricks on houses ect… its not that i dont know how to add them, its just that i dont know how to craete a GOOD Bump Map…

For example I am making a house, how do i know what bump map to apply to that to get it to look like REAL bricks?
Also for the texturing part I really cannot find a good procedural texture creation tutorial.

Well, I am not an expert, although I do play one on TV… I usually refer questions about advanced textures to the dean of advanced procedural texturing, Colin Litster. Take a look at some of his tutorials, and check out his Materials and Textures in Blender in Blender Summer of Documentation.

(I have made some pretty good wood textures, but they are so much of a pain to do properly I’ve pretty much abandoned the effort for UV textures.)

Make a low poly version of the cliff then sculpt in the details with scuptmode, you might want to make an image to use as a brush.

Since you got to the adding detail then just start at ‘sculpt in the details’

To add tiny details use a normap.

@CD: this is an opportunity for you to brag on your slope detect method. Show some links!

yes indeed!

Ok I’ll do that!