Modelling a computer mouse

Hi everybody
I’m trying to model a computer mouse, but don’t know what the right way is. I’ve got the overall shape (using SubSurf), now i would like to “cut” the buttons out of it, with no good results. Should i try to model each part separately?
Can anybody point me in the right direction? I’ve searched the forum, but could no find a solution.
Thanks in advance


well, if it is not already done, subdivide it several times and use the bevel tool (w > specials > bevel) and bevel it so you have a “grid” of faces (face selct mode) and then select the faces that you want to be “cut” and extrude region and pull it down. i hope this helps but i am kinda tired, so sorry if is dosent.

I’ll try the bevel tool, Thanks!

The rounded, curved shape looks like a good candidate for edgeloops and subsurfing to me. I’d probably first model the mouse as a whole, without buttons, and then duplicate the button verticies and separate them. Extrude them a little to make them 3D, and then go back to the original mesh and make space for them in the mouse. That’s not super-clear, but hopefully it gave you some ideas on one method.