Modelling a frog...

Hi There,

I´m going to model a frog. Does someone know a good tutorial. I already made Modron’s lizard. Will that be a good point to start a frog: with a cube? Any specific problems i should be aware of?

Thanx, Twan :smiley:

I don’t know of any specific tutorials to do a frog but Modron’s lizard/modeling tutorial seems like a good place to start. After all a frog and a lizard aren’t that much different just different proportions, legs, ect. I start almost all my models with a cube, and use box modeling subdivision surfaces. There’s lots of good modeling tutorials on the web and even if they aren’t for blender most can be duplicated in blender. do a google search. And with all the new tools like knife, loop cut, extrude region, face ect things are just getting better. Just takes practice. Good luck on your frog.