Modelling a human head

Hello all.

I have just been through Jonathan Williamson’s Head Modelling tutorial over at CGCookie and thought I’d see what others think of the model.


That’s a really good job. Are you going to texture it ?

Not sure yet, just getting the hang of modelling.

Maybe get around to a adding a body then get it all textured

Looks great to me…

lol, i followed the same tutorial and definitly turned out alot worse than yours, yours is wonderful!

Great job, those tutorials are poly by poly right? I was thinking about checking them out but for some reason I would rather learn how to box model. I have a hard time with poly by poly because I don’t get an overall feel for the size of the shape. Your model looks great.

Thank you all. I was pretty proud of how good it turned out. I was also surprised how quick i got it to this stage.

Leemstradamus - yes it is poly by poly. I found it quite different from the other tuts I have seen. In this one he starts by defining the main edge loops then main features, nose, eyes, mouth, ears and then joins them all together. You start seeing a basic head shape (with holes everywhere) in the first quarter hour.

I remember back to when you gave me critique for my Human head, which i used the same tutorial after taking awareness to the characteristics this man is honestly and realistically he is ugly and fat.But you’ve create what you had to follow and did a brilliant job!

hey i was wundering when you model would it be best to model the body first then the head or head then body??