Modelling a Nikon camear

Hello, I have been working recently on a project to make a 1972 Nikon Nikkormat as a project for my spare time.

Essentially I have two questions and I would be most grateful if anyone could answer either one.

Firstly when I have constructed my lens for the camera complete with focusing system, if I am able to accurately rebuild its technical details would it be possible to look though this lens and create renders in blender that would be somewhat reminiscent of what the lens is capable of (for instance if I build a zoom lens and change my focal length can I zoom or can I get the distinct colouring of the lens by putting the camera behind it and hitting render) I was thinking that it may be possible using Yafray but any information would be helpful.

The second question is more a plea for help. I read a previous thread that I think would be useful in the building of the iris/aperture within the lens ( the problem is I am unable to understand a lot of what is being said as I am not so adept in blender if someone would be able to give me a very simplified version or point me in the direction of a tutorial I would be most grateful.

All the best

putting a lens in front of the camera should work fine, I’ve seen people do that for fisheye renders etc. I dont know about the other thing.

thank you tigger ill start work on some shift zoom shots asap