Modelling a Nintendo DS

Hi! Recently got bored and decided to try and model one of the slim Nintendo DS models. Just to ask would it be easier to create buttons etc for seperate objects or just extrude them from the original cube (ds screen). Also how could I go about adding loads of little holes for the speakers etc :)!?

This is what i’ve got so far!

Another update!

Nice work so far.

Should be moved to Work in progress.

You might want to get a bit more light,an environment map should work nicely (something bright like a kitchen or dinner area)

Can you post a wireframe?,i can see a few problems but i’m not sure because of the dark lighting.

Are you using subsurf?,adding holes is easy and the topology can be very versatile on a flat surface.

yeah this looks good, but I think you need more geometry and detail. Though I can’t actually tell how much geometry you have going on in that. I’m just assuming you made it with the least amount necessary to hold the shape. Yeah if you can do this then you can do a whole lot better.

Here’s the wireframe!
I couldn’t add the subdivision without making the holes going round…
Help me out here on improvements! :slight_smile: