Modelling a stump with roots

Hi all

What are your thoughts as to the best way to model the roots of this stump?

I have a cylinder for the body of the stump so far, but a bit unsure as to how to go about modelling the roots.


tbh, you’re better off sculpting it.

Yeah like Ken said, use sculpting tools. Specifically using Snake Hook brush after subdividing the cylinder.

You could also start / use from a skin modifier:
stump_from_skin.blend (667.3 KB)

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Maybe this can help if you’re going down the sculpting mode:

Tree | Learn ZBrush | Tutorial 4 | Making 3D Scene Step by Step

Thanks very much, everyone - I haven’t learned sculpting much so this will be interesting!

Lets think about some basics to start…
What do you want to achieve?

You have a 2 Dimensional reference image, which appears to represent the roots of the other side of the stump (back side) drawn out across the X axis
Remember you are now working in a 3 Dimensional viewport and you can move around in simulated 3 dimensional space.

Looking at a tree stump from the top view, the roots will radiate out at various points on the X / Y axis and a little in the Z axis if they are above the ground.

Starting with a cylinder is correct but your choice of reference image makes it difficult to recreate a 3 dimensional model.


I would start by Tabbing into Edit Mode, then add to your cylinder a couple of Loop Cuts (Ctrl + R) slide them down near the base of the cylinder and extrude various faces around the base of the cylinder, with a little scaling and rotation.

Start low poly to get your basic mesh, then you can add detail, and surface modifiers etc.

Hi SilverOrb

I’ve started doing this and it seems to be working quite quickly - thanks for that!